How rude it is when you devote all your attention towards someone and in turn sometimes u have to listen something without any means. Like if people can’t handle the pranks why do they do the same with others….

Zindagi jeeni hai toh hsane k sath kisi ka mzak udane k sath khud pe bhi cheez apply kro

Tomorrow is a new day…. what will happen to you is not known by anyone

So be confident in tolering every situation…..


Ik khas jhe ehsaah jeha hai oo,

Kise aakhri aas jeha hai oo,

Jo kde beyan na ho ske,

Jo kde beyan na ho ske aisi mithas jeha hai oo…

Babul di pag da rang,

Chitte(ਚਿੱਟੇ) jeha hai oo,

Ammi vllo dite amrit paani de,

Chitte(ਛਿੱਟੇ) jeha hai oo.

Khud dukhi rhe k sbb nu sukh dena lochda hai, bs isi gll toh thoda maada hai oo,

Te bss ise gllon mera pkka life partner h oo….



My first blog….

It’s my first blog to share either my griefs or my learnings lessons from life or may be persons.

Things can be moulded into as many ways as you and i can think and make. But no one knows the actual story behind it. Some will find my blogs interesting which are diplomatic types and some will say what a bullshit it is as every person has not same likes and dislikes…. but the thing that matter is your confidence, determination and the way you look upon the things…. For some negative people I can’t stop writing my blogs until I get satisfied whether I am capable of writing or not….

So tomorrow will be a new day of sharing my experiences…..

Thank you😊😊😊😊